Within a radius of just two kilometers Pinzgau’s Saalachtal, nestled in the province of Salzburg, is home to three extraordinary natural monuments


"The natural wonders of the Saalachtal"

At the foot of both mountain ranges of Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge and the foothills of the Steinernen Meeres nature has created strangely formed rocks, rushing waterfalls and one of the largest systems of caves in Europe in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to the completion of the Tauernradweg bike trail through the Saalachtal, the natural wonders of the Saalachtal are no easily accessible by bicycle when coming from Saalfelden and Salzburg.

Via the "ALMErlebnisBus" the natural wonders of the Saalachtal can be reached without a problem from the Berchtesgaden area, also in conjunction with a bike.



Free parking at the entrance to the destinations - also for buses!


The Vorderkaserklamm (declared a natural monument in 1977) between St. Martin and Weißbach was first made accessible to visitors in 1882. About 12,000 to 14,000 years ago, when the glacial ice from the last Ice Age had melted, the Ödenbach began to cut its way into the hard rock (an average of 6 mm each year).


Today, the gorge is already 400 meters long, 80 meters deep and up to 6 meters wide at the top and a narrow 80 cm at the bottom. A total of 51 footbridges and 35 walkways with 373 steps were built into the gorge.


Before reaching the entrance to the gorge (2.5 km ride from the federal road Bundesstraße 311), visitors can walk trough the nature recreation area with ponds for swimming and barbecue areas in the „Schiedergraben“.


Gorge and snack stand open
from May to October

Daily from 9:30 - 18:00 clock


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The Lamprechtshöhle with its total length of approx. 51 kilometers is one of the largest systems of caves in Europe. In 1993 cave explorers from Poland discovered another entrance at 2,178 meters in elevation. Thus, the Lamprechtshöhle is presently one of the largest through caves in the world.


In the section of the cave open to visitors you can hike on easily accessible walkways about 700 meters into the mountain and conquer a difference in altitude of 70 meters to the spacious platform which offers an impressive view of most of the well-lighted part of the cave for visitors.


An unforgettable experience
even in inclement weather!


Cave and restaurant open all year-round
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This natural monument, the Seisenbergklamm in Weißbach bei Lofer, began to develop about 12,000 years ago when ice from the last Ice Age melted in the Alps.

In the year 1831 lumberjacks first built a track through the 600 m long gorge to transport wood.

The entrance to the gorge is located directly in town. It takes about one hour to tour this popular sight and is also the perfect starting point for many wonderful hikes.

Gorge and snack stand open
from May to October

Daily from 8:30 - 18:30 clock


Phone: +43 (0) 6582 8242-4 or 8352


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